SUP yoga in Santa Cruz de Tenerife

We are bringing SUP yoga to the city so that you can enjoy this activity in various swimming pools in Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

About SUP Yoga

Have you ever tried SUP Yoga? It´s OK if you haven´t. You can also try it even if you have never done yoga before.

This modality of yoga combines the discipline of a standard practice of traditional yoga styles with an extra dimension – balance!

SUP yoga (or Paddle yoga) is just like “normal” yoga, the only difference is that it´s practised on top of a Stand up paddle board (SUP board). This means that if you fall from an “asana”, you will fall into the water. Actually, on a hot summer day you might “fall on purpose” just to cool off!

If you want to know more about this specific type of yoga, you can learn more in our SUP Yoga page.

paddle yoga santa cruz

SUP yoga is good for the body and mind


Our SUP yoga lessons

We offer SUP yoga lessons in various swimming pools in Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

Your SUP yoga lesson will include a short introduction to Stand up paddling, so that you get used to the board and learn to balance on top of it (don´t worry, it´s not that difficult!). SUP yoga lessons are suitable for yoga beginners and for people with an average fitness level.

SUP yoga hare pose variation

Hare pose variation on the SUP board

SUP Yoga prices

A SUP yoga session lasts just over an hour and cost €25/ session. This includes the SUP introductory session, the board rental and the Paddle yoga tuition. We will provide you with a life vest (if you think you need it), a paddle and a leash to anchor your board, as well as drinking water.


See you soon!

The SUP Team, Tenerife