The Virgin Beach Challenge

Trekking and Stand Up Paddling combined

The Virgin Beach Challenge is similar to the Masca Challenge, but we leave from a different town and arrive at a different beach. It´s ideal for those who have already done trekking at the Masca Gorge. It involves a morning hike from El Molledo to Puntilla de Barranco Seco Beach, a snack, and an afternoon Stand Up Paddling trip from Puntilla de Barranco Seco Beach to Los Gigantes Marina.


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Meeting time: Once a week (Usually Sundays – depending on bookings) 10.30 am and 13.30 pm.
Meeting place: Los Gigantes Tourist Information centre
Finish: circa. 17.30 and 21.00
Price: 70 euro / person
Discounts: applied to groups of 9 or more individuals.
Advanced booking is necessary for the Virgin Beach Challenge!

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The Virgin Gorge


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