SUPBALL – an excellent Team building activity

SUPBALL (Stand Up Paddle Ball) is a specially crazy game in the water using SUP boards. It’s so intense, enticing and engaging, that it makes you reach the limits of your abilities. SUPBALL is a combination of Frisbee, water polo and netball, played on SUP boards in quiet waters.
It’s not only a great way to improve your SUP boarding skills: by playing SUPBALL you do exercise and will have a great time. This game develops team playing skills, demands agility, and both tactical and strategic thinking.

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This modality of SUP boarding was originated in 2010, on the beaches of Sydney, Australia. We were the first to bring this idea to Lithuania in 2014, and recruited the first SUP surfers. In 2016 we will try to organize the first big SUPBALL competition. But for now, for the winter season, we are inviting you to check out this game in Tenerife!

SUPBALL on Tenerife

SUPBALL in Tenerife

The Rules

The game is 45 minutes long, two 20-minute periods with a 5-minute break.
Two teams play against each other with usually 5 members in each team.
There are 2 buoys placed within a 20-30 meter distance from each other. Each team defends its designated buoy.
When your team’s ball hits the opponent’s buoy, it’s a goal.
The ball can be touched with the hands, the paddle or pushed by the SUP board.
The player must remain on the board, holding paddle in his/her hands. Otherwise, he or she is disqualified from the game.
The player holding the ball cannot paddle (they can only pass the ball to a team member or try to hit the buoy).
If the ball touches the buoy, it is picked up by the losing team and the winning team must return to their starting position at once, because the game does not stop.

Possible fouls:

Intentional wasting of time
Touching the opponent or their board with the paddle
Holding onto the buoy
Throwing the paddle
Sitting on the ball or keeping it between knees and paddling

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