SUP with your PUP

Join us in this cool new activity: Stand Up Paddling with your dog in Tenerife!

Dogs love water and playing in the sea. The first time you take your dog Stand Up Paddling you will see how he/she enjoys it even more than you do! Paddling with your pet is a good way to strengthen the pet-owner bond while having fun and doing exercise.

Inflatable SUP boards (like the ones we use in Tenerife) are ideal for paddling with your dog. They provide good traction for your dog’s paws and are very stable.

Our SUP DOG trips

Our trips last typically two hours. You can have a one-hour trip, but it might not be enough time to get you and your pet acquainted with the activity of Stand Up Paddling together. We have experience with working with dogs and we´ll help you with everything you need.

  • Activity length: 2 hours
  • Activity price: 35€

A typical 2 hour SUP DOG session will include:

  • A Stand Up Paddling briefing and lesson out of the water
  • A Stand Up Paddling lesson and practice on the water
  • Getting your pet used to the board on land and on the water
  • A SUP trip with your pet for the remainder of the time
  • SUP board rental (including the paddle, a leash and a life vest if needed), drinking water.
  • Some pictures of your session, if you want them.
  • Please note: You will need to bring your own pet´s live vest.


SUP dog Tenerife Stand Up Paddle pet

Dogs are natural Stand Up Paddlers!

To make your dog comfortable, first it’s a good idea to make him/her get familiar with the board on land. Let the dog explore the board, get on it and off, etc. Later, take the board by yourself and let your pet see you paddling and having fun on the water. If your dog is the adventurous type, you may then call him to join you near the shore. Help him/her onto the board in shallow water while you hold the board. After your dog feels comfortable with the feeling of being on an unstable moving surface, you may join him/her and give him/her a command to sit in from of the board. Having your dog sit (or lay) in front of the board while you stand up paddle behind is the most comfy way to do it.

After a few sessions, you may even teach your dog commands to hop on and off the board, if he/she enjoys swimming.

Your pet should always wear a dog live vest for its own safety.


We want to give thanks to our friends: Black Dog, dog training in Tenerife, and En Movimiento Rehabilitación Canina in Tenerife for the photos and their help with this activity. 😀


SUP Dog Tenerife, Paddle surf con tu perro

SUP DOG: Strengthen the link with your pet