Turtles – Swim with these beautiful marine animals

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Stand Up Paddling with Turtles

We know the best beaches to Stand Up Paddle alongside sea turtles. Some spots around Tenerife are famous for having turtles near the beach. It’s not guaranteed that we’ll see them, but it’s possible!.

About Turtles

For more than a hundred million years marine turtles have covered great distances across the world’s oceans, having a vital role in marine and coastal eco-systems. Over the last two hundred years human activities have tipped the scales against the survival of these ancient sea animals.

Marine turtles migrate long distances between their feeding grounds and nesting sites. They have a large shell called a carapace, four strong, paddle-like flippers and like all reptiles, lungs for breathing air. The characteristic beak-like mouth is used to shear or crush food.

All marine turtle species are experiencing serious threats to their survival. The main threats are pollution and changes to important turtle habitats, especially coral reefs, seagrass beds, mangrove forests and nesting beaches.

SUP with turtles in Tenerife, Turtles Tenerife

SUP with turtles in Tenerife


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