SUP Pilates in Tenerife

We offer SUP Pilates lessons in Playa San Juan, in the south of Tenerife

Strengthen your core amidst nature

Pilates is a fitness sport developed by Joseph Pilates in the 1930s. Pilates is practiced worldwide, especially in western countries. Pilates improves your flexibility, makes you stronger and develops endurance in your whole body. It focuses on alignment, breathing, the development of a strong core, while improving coordination and balance.Pilates can be practiced by people of all ages and levels of ability and fitness, from complete beginners to athletes. Pilates is a muscle-strengthening activity, which can help you maintain a healthy weight.


Our SUP Pilates sessions/lessons typically last 1.5 hours and are given in a beautiful beach in the south of Tenerife. Lessons are given in English or Spanish.


  • 1 class:                               20€
  • Monthly Voucher (4 classes):   60€


The lessons include:

  • A Stand Up Paddling briefing and mini lesson
  • A SUP Pilates session, which includes a SUP Pilates briefing
  • SUP board rental (including the paddle, a leash and a life vest if needed), drinking water.
  • Some pictures of your session, if you want them.


        To book please:

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Schedule of Our Activities

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Our SUP Pilates Teachers

Simona Prokopová

SUP PIlates tenerife

Simona doing SUP Pilates

  • Languages: Czech, English and some Spanish

Simona studied International Relations in the Czech Republic and also in University of Bologna. After her studies, she decided to get hands on with her field of study, so she moved to beautiful Italy, where she spent two years exploring its culture.

But her home is the whole world and that’s why she moved again. Now she lives in the fascinating island of Tenerife.
During her journey she found the magic of Pilates and she became a total Pilates addict. She got her Pilates trainer certification in the Czech Republic and lately has fallen in love with SUP Pilates…her new addiction!.

Simona has her won Pilates FB Page: Sima’s Pilates Tenerife


What is the difference between Pilates and Yoga?

Both Pilates and yoga develop your core strength, balance, flexibility, posture and a good breathing technique. Both sports emphasise the link between your physical and your mental health, although yoga focuses more on relaxation and meditation. Pilates exercises are done in a flow of movement without the static poses that are more typically associated with yoga. In yoga, one typically breathes in and out through the nose, while on Pilates, you can exhale throw the mouth.

SUP Pilates in Tenerife

SUP Pilates in Tenerife

more info about SUP Pilates

SUP Pilates, also known as “Paddle Pilates” (like SUP yoga) is practiced on a Stand Up Paddle board and gives you total body conditioning and balance training. Using your SUP board instead of a Pilates mat, you will be able to strengthen your legs, tone your upper body, and exercise your core.

If you are interested in practising SUP Pilates with us in Tenerife, get in touch!

We also offer SUP yoga lessons, for more info visit our SUP yoga page.

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