The Masca Challenge

A Hiking and Stand Up Paddling combined adventure!

We invite you to participate in the Masca Challenge:

Discover unforgettable adventures hiking and Stand Up Paddling in one of the most spectacular places in Tenerife, Canary Islands. This municipality in Buenavista del Norte, in west Tenerife, looks like the kingdom of the elves, as if taken from the pages of a Tolkien’s book, and is a “one in a lifetime” experience, exhilarating visitors with its 800 metre high cliffs.

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Meeting time: Saturdays at 10.30 am (or on request)
Meeting place: Los Gigantes Tourist Information centre
Finish: circa. 17.30
Price: 80 euro / person
Discounts: applied to groups of 9 or more individuals.
Advanced booking is necessary for the Masca Challenge!

Trekking the crests of the cliffs of this gorge, and through mysterious tunnels, caves and little streams, you can reach a beach of astounding beauty, nestled on the side of the cliffs, elevating straight from the blue emerald waters. After the trek, we will rest on the remote beach enjoying a picnic in great company and the amazing food of the Canary Islands. After recovering from the hiking, it’s time for the real adventure, a trip of a lifetime: Paddle surfing on the SUP boards from this beach to Los Gigantes. The journey on Stand Up Paddle boards along the cliffs takes around two hours. Along the way, you can enjoy seeing seagulls nesting on the cliffs, with Los Gigantes marina in the distance.


Masca challenge


If you think that this 6-7 hour challenge might be too difficult for you, you can return by taxi-boat.


Masca cliffs, Los Gigantes, Tenerife

Paddling along the Masca cliffs, Los Gigantes, Tenerife

If we are lucky, en route to Los Gigantes by paddling on the SUP boards, we may meet the intelligent inhabitants of the Atlantic – the dolphins. A dolphin safari on a boat does not come even close to the excitement of meeting these communicative and playful beings while paddle surfing on SUP boards. Have you ever stroked a dolphin in the wild? Maybe your first time will be in Tenerife!

Delfines dolphins masca

Paddling from to Los Gigantes


A Spooky heritage

You may be interested to know that the Masca gorge has a rich heritage associated with magic and sorcery. A legend tells the story of a young boy whose mother feared he would be attacked by witches in this gorge and warned him against crossing it to visit his grandmother.

Masca Challenge

Rock art at the Masca Gorge

Ignoring his mother’s advice, the boy set off on his journey. He was afterwards attacked by a big pig, which he chased away with a stick before running back home unharmed. “A lucky escape from a wild animal”, he thought to himself. But the next day he discovered that someone had apparently killed his grandmother with a stick in the woods. Was this a spooky coincidence? Or was it proof that witchcraft actually existed in this otherwise peaceful and idyllic part of the island of Tenerife?

Masca map, Tenerife Map, SUP Tenerife, Canary islands

Maps of the trip’s location


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