SUP lessons for beginners

We offer SUP (Stand Up Paddling, also know as Paddle boarding) lessons for beginners in several beaches along the South Coast of Tenerife.

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If you have never stood on an SUP board at all, we invite you to attend our beginner SUP lessons. The warm water of the Atlantic will inspire you to learn surfing on SUP boards and then just dive into adventures. We would learn the essentials of SUP surfing together with an instructor. When surfing with a SUP board, it is important to maintain a correct posture and produce effective paddling movements. The undulation on the water surface will make you use your thighs and hips to balance. After our training SUP lessons in the Atlantic, SUP boarding in the quiet waters will seem like child´s play.

SUP boarding is indeed not difficult, thus even without any special training a 15 minute instruction should be enough for you to get hold of the principles of managing the SUP board. Despite the simplicity of this sport, learning the correct principles of paddling will yield for the best results, and surfing will be more enjoyable for you. In the course of the lesson, we will also discuss the safety challenges and will learn planning long distance trips.


Stand up Paddle Lessons SUP in Tenerife

Learn to Stand Up Paddle on the beach


Mother Nature tends to show all of her powers in the Atlantic waters, therefore SUP boarding requires a certain respect towards the ocean. Before embarking on a trip, you must not only properly assess the weather conditions, but also your own personal physical condition. We offer some further recommendations on how to SUP surf safely, although it is important to remember that it is impossible to foresee every circumstance and therefore it is vital to use one´s own reasoning.

SUP boarding in open waters is recommended only to individuals in good physical shape with no serious health issues or who are significantly overweight. You must not go further from the shore than 250 meters if you are paddle boarding without a motorized boat escorting you. The sea is a rapidly changing and unpredictable entity, thus SUP boarding must be carefully planned and prepared for, realistically evaluating one’s physical and psychological capabilities, technical skills and possible dangers.

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First steps on the water

Long distance SUP surfing trips must be especially well planned. Always take notice of the wind direction: if the wind blows towards the ocean – postpone your fun. Before going longer distances you must evaluate your possibilities of rapid disembarking – keep watch of the shoreline and the landscape. Never SUP board when there is a heavy fog: it is very easy to become disoriented and get too far from the shore. If you plan on returning to the starting point of your journey, first you should paddle against the wind, this will save you energy for the return trip. You must always carry some drinking water with you.

It is very important to correctly assess the water temperature. Even 27°C water may cause hypothermia if you spend too much time in it. In winter, the water temperature in Tenerife falls to around 22°C, so in the unlikely case that you lost your board it is imperative to reserve enough time to reach the shore.

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