Stand Up Paddling

A short history about Stand Up Paddling

It’s considered that the origin of Stand Up Paddling or surfing was in the 1960s, when surfing instructors used paddles to line up for a group photograph on the water. In the course of time, the technique of paddling on surfing boards was

Laird Hamilton and Daave Kalama on Stand Up Paddling

Laird Hamilton and Daave Kalama

used in surfing schools to assist students to maintain balance.

The secret of SUP (Paddle boarding)’s popularity

Stand Up Paddling enthusiasts suggest that the key to the popularity of this sport is its simplicity: it takes less than an hour for a beginner to start feeling comfortable and safe on the board. Gates to the modern Stand Up Paddling surfing sport were opened by Laird Hamilton and Dave Kalama (picture on the left). Vietnam War veteran Rick Thomas was the first surfer who brought SUP boards from Hawaii to continental America.

Surfing professional Jimmy Lewis designed the first SUP surfing dedicated board. Many enthusiasts of classic surfing shifted to SUP surfing because of its versatility: SUP boards enabled them to catch more waves, as well as offering them a better view of the incoming sets of waves.

Stand Up Paddling on Tenerife, SUP Tenerife

Stand Up Paddling on Tenerife

SUP (Paddle boarding) competitions

The first official Stand Up Paddling competition in the world took place on 8 August 2007, on the north side of Tahoe Lake in Tahoe City. The distance of the competition was more than 11 kilometres – from Jake’s Restaurant on the lake to Captain Jon’s Restaurant. 34 male and female competitors became the first participants in the competition. This event was the beginning of the TA-HOE NALU paddle festival. The first publication dedicated to this sport was ‘Stand-up Journal’, which was released in 2001 in the state of Maine, USA.

If you are interested in getting started with this sport, you can check out our ACTIVITIES on Tenerife or our page on HOW TO GET STARTED.

Stand Up Paddling in Tenerife

Stand Up Paddling in Tenerife