SUP yoga in Tromsø

We are bringing SUP yoga to the city so that you can enjoy this activity in Tromsø.

About SUP Yoga

Have you ever tried SUP Yoga? It´s OK if you haven´t. You can also try it even if you have never done yoga before. This modality of yoga combines the discipline of a standard practice of traditional yoga styles with an extra dimension – balance!

Yoga specialists believe that by accumulating all our residing powers we can move mountains. Yoga (and SUP yoga) is one of the most effective methods of maintaining good physical and spiritual health, recognized by medical doctors and scientists. Adventures, discoveries and change of environment during your holidays will let you get away from the routine, but it is also important to be able to rest spiritually – spend a little bit of time for yourself. SUP yoga (or Paddle yoga) is just like “normal” yoga, the only difference is that it´s practised on top of a Stand up paddle board (SUP board). This means that if you fall from an “asana”, you will fall into the water. Actually, on a hot summer day you might “fall on purpose” just to cool off!

The sun is slowly descending into the pine forest on the side of the lake, the wind is gently caressing your body, which is covered in little sweat drops, and your feet are slightly wet from the cool lake water. Have you ever wanted to exchange the permeated walls of a sweaty gym for the tranquility offered by Mother Nature?

On the other side of the Atlantic, instructors of yoga and Pilates seek to perform their exercises on the water. SUP Yoga has recently become the fastest growing water sport in the world.

The intense paddling on the SUP board is a great exercise. However, if you combine the benefits of this type of Stand Up Paddling with the benefits of yoga or Pilates, in addition to the peaceful and soul-soothing power of the sun, water and trees, you can enjoy an intoxicating cocktail of energy and harmony.

When performing the classic exercise of moving your hips and legs in a circle, your instructor must regularly remind you to stabilize your pelvis, otherwise you will be moving your weight from one hip to the other. When exercising on the SUP board, the board will let you know that your pelvis is unstable by swinging, and your uncontrolled leg movements and shaky hips may make you have to take a wet dive.