Stand up paddling courses in Tromsø

Stand up paddling is a relatively new water sport that seduces active and adventurous people to walk on the water. The sport has to offer so many different possibilities, that it suits everybody: from office managers who are keen to relax after a day at work, children, yoga fans, to the extreme sport lovers and real adventure seekers. Stand up paddling it’s an easy, beginner – friendly water activity though it’s always better to get some basic paddling techniques from the professional instructor. It would help you to use the health benefits in a completely relaxed pace faster. We invite you to join our beginners program with a professional instructor and paddle around the picturesque island of Hakoy.

You will learn how to balance on the SUP board, how to paddle effectively, the ways of turning the board, and information about the safety on the water. We will talk about the history of the sport, ways of stand up paddling, differences between boards. But the most important thing: we’ll have a lot of fun, exploring the rich Nordic landscape in the coolest possible way.

In few days after the program, we’ll send you some processionally edited pictures, to make sure that you will never forget the breath taking experience of paddling in the Arctic fjords.