Stand up paddling in Tromsø region

Tromso is a city located almost 300 kilometres north of the arctic circle. The Sun sets in late november and it does not show again until late January. In sharp contrast to this, the summer provides us with sunlight around the clock for almost 3 months. Fjords are as deep as the mountains surrounding them are high. The fauna is plentiful and the flora is as lush as the winter is white. It is, in other words, a place of extremes. Extreme beauty and tranquility.

We believe that getting familiar with this peace and the freshness of our clean air is not achieved from the air conditioned bus or from sitting in front of a roaring boat engine at mind blowing speeds. We believe that our planet’s own creations are to be explored at its own terms. We believe in slowing down and adjusting to Mother Nature’s pace. There are many ways to do this, but the truly most spectacular way is to stand (yes, upright!) on a stand up paddleboard gliding through fjords and coves.

Standing up on a floating board you will find yourself naturally adjusting to the movement of the water, you will find that your balance is stronger than you once thought. One of the traits that define Homo Sapiens is our opposable thumbs allowing us to grab and use tools, another is the fact that we walk upright. On two legs. We do not have gills nor are we equipped with webbed hands and feet. We belong on land but this doesn’t have to keep us here. Walk onto a stand up paddle board and grab a tool, the paddle. Find your naturally provided balance. Now you walk on water. Its that simple.