Stand up paddle in Northern Norway

Stand up paddling is a relatively new water sport that seduces active and adventurous people to walk on the water. The sport offers so many different possibilities to suit everybody: from office managers who are keen to relax after a day at work, children, yoga fans, to the extreme sport lovers and real adventure seekers.

‘National Geographic Traveller Magazine’ stated, that the fjords of Norway is the number one unspoiled travel spot from a list of 115 destinations around the world, so grab a paddle board and go for an adventure! 🙂

The hypnotising beauty of Norway is shaped by more than a thousand fjords. After the last ice age, crystal clear blue water of the Arctic ocean poured into beautiful valleys and canyons, carved by the brutal power of the moving ice. Summer above the Arctic circle is a seemingly never ending spectacle of the beautiful landscapes, brushed by the different hues of the stubborn sun, who refuses to hide at night. Magnificent ant cosy at the same time; the fjords in the Troms region feel isolated and meditative.

We invite you to explore the mystical beauty of the Nordic mountains and the magical fjords by walking on water. Stand up paddling is the one of the most ecological ways to connect spiritually to the nature. Your body is free to move, you gently balance on the little surface ripples by moving in a fjord with the most minimal impact possible , your eyes are high above the water to explore giant cliffs and underwater fauna. All the sources of noise are far behind, the only thing you hear are birds, water and wind.