We invite you to discover the beauty of Lithuanian capital Vilnius from a different perspective. Stand up paddling in an urban area is a meditative activity that helps to relax the brain and the body. Paddling in a downtown area isolates you from the city chaos, and helps to pay attention to some little beautiful things that you usually fail to notice, trying to circulate in a rush hour crowd, surrounded by the noise of the traffic.

We organise the stand up paddle tours in the heart of Vilnius – Neris river. Vilnius geography offers the unique opportunity to experience the silence of nature and the urban harmony in a 2 hour SUP tour. If you have no experience in stand up paddling, Neris, because of its slow stream and calm water is the first river of choice. Before every tour we provide a brief instruction. If you would like to paddle as a professional, sign up for the stand up paddling classes.

Things you gonna see while paddling: Vilnius churches, Gediminas tower, unique contemporary art sculptures under the bridges, street art.

You can start the stand up paddling tour in one of the standard locations upstream: The mill of Verkiai (Verkių Malūnas), Ožkiniai, Šilas bridge. we always finish the tours just behind the white bridge (baltasis tiltas), just in the city center. All the neccessary equipment and shuttle service is included in to the price.