Dolphins around Tenerife

The crystal-clear water of Los Gigantes, in Tenerife, is home or a migration point for a spectacular diversity of dolphins and whales. These curious and intelligent mammals of the Atlantic often communicate with the tourists watching them from ships and boats.

There are many stories about the playfulness and kindness of dolphins. In 1983, in New Zealand, after an abated tide, a group of whales were stranded in very shallow waters. People from nearby villages tried helping these sea giants by pouring water on them and keeping them calm before the tide came back. But even then, it was difficult for the whales to navigate back to deep waters. To the surprise of all, a nearby band of dolphins realised what was happening and, risking their own lives, they swam to the shallow waters and guided the whales through the safe passage. Out of 80 great mammals, 76 were saved.
Dolphins often save people in trouble as well. But they can be naughty animals too, and behave in ways that are similar to humans. They enjoy intoxicating themselves by biting poisonous fish, deadly to human beings. They then become high and can watch their own reflection in the water for hours. Dolphins can also be violent to each other, and nag female dolphins.

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Dolphins are extremely intelligent and playful sea animals

Maybe if you do our Masca Challenge or join a Stand Up Paddling trip you will be lucky enough to see one or several dolphins.

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