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The best Beaches

The coast of Tenerife can be sometimes rugged, especially in the north of the island. But it also has 68 kilometres (42 miles) of sandy beaches. There are many black sandy and black pebbled beaches in the north. In the south and south-west coasts there are beaches and coves with much finer, lighter and clearer sands, although there are also coves with grey sand and grey pebbles. Basically, you are spoilt for choice!.

We want to show you the least touristy beaches, the ones that are frequented by locals, so you can immerse yourself in the “real Tenerife”, and away from the most touristy areas.

For the best towns and villages to see in Tenerife, please visit our Towns and Villages page.


Stand Up Paddle board

One of our Stand Up Paddle boards, in San Juan beach


The sand of Abama beach is almost white and this beach is actually considered as one of the most beautiful beaches in the whole of Tenerife. It consists of a 150-metre bay, which is sheltered from the wind and has turquoise waters. It also has some rock, which can be seen in the picture, that break the waves, which makes it a very safe an tranquil cove. This beach is not usually busy with tourists because you have to walk approximately. 20-30 minutes from the where you park the car, and walk downwards to reach the beach. Find a map to Abama beach HERE.

Abama beach, Guía de Isora, Tenerife

Abama beach, Guía de Isora, Tenerife



This beach is located next to a dock, which allows you to enjoy a range of water sports and activities. It boasts scattered pools and rocks along the seafront with really weird shapes. The pools are perfect for doing SUP yoga early in the mornings, and the whole stretch of the beach along the town of Alcalá is ideal for stand up paddling, as the waters are quiet and sheltered by rock formations. There are hidden coves here too, where there is hardly anyone, and you can practically be alone without distractions. This coast is also home to a multitude of marine species, like some types of crustaceans and molluscs, which you can see at low tide. Turtles can sometimes be seen here, too. This group of beaches is a perfect spot to watch the sunset and, in the distance you can see the island of La Gomera. Find a map to Alcalá beach HERE.


Alcalá beach, Guía de Isora, Tenerife

Alcalá beach, Guía de Isora, Tenerife



The San Juan beach has quiet waters that are perfect for swimming, relaxing and also for also practicing water sports, such as Stand Up paddling. It is actually our preferred spot for practicing SUP Yoga. The reason for this is that it is flanked by man-made water breakers. You will see lots of small fishing boats moored here.

The breach has a promenade that runs around the village of San Juan, which gives even more charm to this already beautiful beach. This beach is popular with tourists and families, though. You can also see the recently restored old lime kiln, which is dated from the 19th century and is located near the sea. Find a map fro San Juan beach HERE.

San Juan beach, Guía de Isora, Tenerife

One of the coves at San Juan beach, Guía de Isora, Tenerife

Playa de San Juan Tenerife, Seagulls

Seagulls on the water breakers at San Juan beach


The Puertito (little port) beach in Armeñime is a small and rustic beach reachable through a little path. There are parking spaces where some people also camp. The Puertito beach has grey and black volcanic sand and pebbles. It a secluded beach where you will hardly find tourists. You will instead find locals who come here during their days off. Is it a perfect beach for Stand Up Paddling and it is possible to see turtles as well. It´s calm and uncrowded, so it´s ideal to do some SUP yoga too.Find a map to El Puertito beach in Armeñime HERE.

Puertito beach in Armeñime, Tenerife

Puertito beach in Armeñime, Tenerife


These wide sandy beaches are protected by stone water breakers and are considered amongst the best on Tenerife, so they are quite touristy, but we still wanted to tell you about them. The main promenade runs along the full length of the towns of Fañabé and Torviscas.

Fañabé has fine and light-grey sand and quite decent water breakers. The beach was awarded with a “blue flag”, which means that it offers hygienic facilities, a barrier-free environment and life-guards. Fañabé beach is liked both by tourists and by locals. From the promenade, one can watch amazing sunsets over the nearby island of La Gomera.

Torviscas beach has a spacious promenade with a lot of restaurants, bars and small shops. It also has toilets and showers. It has fine, grey and beige coloured sand and it is quite is comfortable as it is protected from the sea by wave breakers. You can easily practice Stand up paddle here, as well as SUP yoga.

You can find a map to Fañabé and Torviscas beaches HERE.

Torviscas beach, Tenerife

A view of Torviscas beach, in Tenerife


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