This is one of the most popular beaches in and around Tromsø. With its proximity to town ( 3km from the center ) this beach is situated south west of the island of Tromsø in a beautiful small park. It is also a place where the famous Bukta music festival takes place and a nice spot to watch the sunset.

Mellomvegen 142, Tromso 9006, Norway


This amazing place is situated on the north of Kvaløya island 50 minutes from the city of Tromsø. The parking spot is easy to find and there are a few private saunas for rent. It is a small town at the beginning of a fjord. It is popular for its beach, hikes and good skiing. In the winter, it is the only place you can actually surf around the island and it is a nice spot to look at northern lights when the sky is clear. The sand is soft and white and if you are motivated it is the perfect spot for a cold swim. You cannot watch the sunset because there are mountains on the west side but in summer, the sun doesn’t go down, so you can stay and watch the sun all night over the Arctic ocean and Vensøya island moving towards the east.

Grøtfjordvegen, 9107 Tromvik, Troms, Norway


If you like sandy beaches, this is your destination. Sommarøy is a town in the north-west of Kvaløya island and is essentially of small group of islands, some of which are connected by bridges. Just before the bridge to Sommarøya there is a very nice beach where people tent or just have fires and relax. If you have a paddleboard or a kayak you can go and explore all the small islands with beautiful beaches around Sommarøy. This way you can be sure to find your very own little island, if you don’t feel sociable. In Sommaroy, the bigger mountains are a few kilometers away which allows for greater, more open views of the Northern lights in winter and the midnight sun in summer.
Hillesøyvegen, 9110 Sommarøy, Norway


This small beach is in a beautiful area on the way to Skulsfjord. 25 min from the city of Tromsø. It is a great place to relax, have a BBQ or paddleboard to explore the pretty town about 2 km from it. Although it has soft white sand and amazing view towards the mountains of Kvaløya and Vengsøya island, this beach is not as busy as the others, because of its’ less touristic location.

Hesteskrotten, 9103 Skulsfjord


Oldervik is a small town, about 50 minutes from Tromsø city center, on the mainland east of Tromsø. You will need to drive over the Tromsø bridge or if you prefer the tunnel to go to the mainland. After crossing you drive towards Krokelvdalen, after passing this town you need to drive 40 minutes north on the same road to reach Oldervik. It is far but worth it. At the end of the road you will find a small peaceful fishing town and a long beach. It is not a typical white, smooth, sandy beach. It is a bit more rocky but there is so much to see and explore. You can climb on big rocks to have a nice view of the Lyngen Alps or walk on the beach and find caves to hide in and sleep if you feel like it. It is not a place to enjoy the midnight sun or the sunset because the beach is facing east but if you come early you can see the sunrise or the midnight sun coming back from its long journey around the Earth. If you like hiking you can follow the shore on the left or on the right side of Oldervik and find some beautiful small sandy beaches where you will feel like one with nature.

FV53, 9034 Oldervik, Troms, Norway


Here another charming place to visit about 45 minutes from Tromsø city center. This is where you would take the ferry to Svensby to reach the Lyngen Alps. Like Oldervik, Breivikeidet is situated on the east side of Tromsø so forget your plans of watching the sunset from there. But if you want to enjoy your day in the sun on a sandy beach this is the place for you. More than a kilometer wide and with a nice river passing through, this beach is an amazing place for relaxation and exploring the valley where the river snakes lazily creating small sandy islands. There are a lot of parking spaces close to the beach so if you ever want to bring a paddleboard and try to go up this river when the sea level is high this would be pretty easy.  

9027 Breivikeidet


This is not a typical sandy beach that everyone like to go to lay down in the sun on a beach towel. There is a small beach where you can park and enjoy the sunset, or midnight sun of course, with a breathtaking view of the open ocean and Sessøya island but if you feel active or like exploring you can also follow the gravel road south of the small summer town and reach the beginning of a trail. Follow this trail and find another intimate beach with a nice grass field where it is perfect to camp and make a fire. If you go on you will find a couple more beaches small or very small but totally intimate if you feel like being on your own. The beaches might be rocky but find a big stone to sit on and look at the view in front of you and enjoy the moment. This place is so quiet you will feel like you are thousands of kilometers from the city… or maybe just a little more than an hour away from Tromsø.

9107 Rekvik, Norway