Puppy training at the husky home

If you like hiking but prefer going out with puppies and learn how they are trained to be the best sled dogs, this is for you. It is also great for families because kids love to run out in the field with the puppies chasing them or preparing food for them and look at them sit to get their portion of food. The baby huskies you will train will be between 4 weeks and 6 months. You also get a lunch after all this exercise. A perfect day in the Arctic.

Husky visit

If you want to meet dogs but not a fan of hiking you can also just go to the center and meet their 300 alaskan huskies. They are all very friendly and love to be cuddled. You are also welcome to go into the puppy cages and play with the young ones. After all of this cuddling your hands will need a break; a nice warm meal will be waiting for you.

Hiking with huskies

If you like hiking but prefer going out with a dog this is an activity for you. Tromsø Villmarkssenter’s dogs are off from dog sledding in the summer and can’t wait to go out hiking with visitors. The center offers hiking trips with dogs such as the Family Arctic Hiking Fun trip on Håkøy with dogs or not or the Nordic Husky Hike on Kvaløya.

If you choose to go on the Family Hike trip on Håkøy expect an easy hike and a lot of fun. You will see beautiful views of Tromsø island, Kvaløya island, the fjords surrounding you and the dramatic mountains on the mainland. You will learn how to make a fire and you will cook your own lunch on it. You might also see some of the arctic birds living on the island or even moose or reindeer if you are lucky.

For the Nordic husky hike you will follow a guide who will teach you how to canicross. Yes canicross. This is a new popular sport in the doggy owners world. It is simple; you put on a canicross belt, put a harness on your dog and let it pull you with a special bungee leash between you and your furry partner. On the way, you will see the beautiful landscape surrounding Tromsø and if you are lucky some of the north norwegian wild-life.