icod de los vinos mist

Journey to the mountains

  Ignas wrote a blog post as a guest blogger at the SUP island blog. We left the Stand up paddle boards for a day, and ventured into the mountains. This is why Tenerife is such a magical island. One minute you are enjoying yourself at the beach on a summer day, and hours later […]

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Stand Up Paddling on Tenerife

The benefits of Stand Up Paddling

Why is PADDLE Surfing so good for you? SUP (Also known as Stand Up Paddling, Paddle Surfing or Paddle Boarding) is a water sport where you paddle standing up on a board which is a little bigger and more stable than traditional surf boards. This sport can be practiced in any body of water: the ocean, […]

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Safari de delfines, Dolphin safari

Dolphins ahoy! What an adventure!

¡Dolphins near the cliffs, TENERIFE! On Saturday we saw a couple of dolphins, I was Stand Up paddling from Masca to Los Gigantes and I saw a lot of seagulls getting excited near the cliffs!   I jumped off from the SUP board into the water and dove down. I think they were baby dolphins, […]

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