Why is PADDLE Surfing so good for you?

SUP (Also known as Stand Up Paddling, Paddle Surfing or Paddle Boarding) is a water sport where you paddle standing up on a board which is a little bigger and more stable than traditional surf boards. This sport can be practiced in any body of water: the ocean, a river, a lake, a dam or a swimming pool.

Paddle surfing is a low impact sport and , therefore, it´s suitable for all kinds of different people. It’s also a very safe sport, since when you fall, you will fall directly onto water (You simply have to be aware of the depth and conditions at the bottom, rocks, etc…) Additionally, it´s a sport one can practice alone, with the family or among friends.

¿What are the benefits of Stand Up Paddling?

  • When you practice Stand Up Paddling you exercise almost all the muscles in the body. To keep the balance, you use mainly your leg muscles and to paddle you use your arm, shoulder and back muscles. The abdominal muscles are also used to keep the balance on the board. Since it´s a low impact sport, it´s very unlikely that you will damage any tendons or ligaments.
  • Cardiovascular benefits: With this sport you can vastly improve your cardiovascular physical condition.
Benefits of Paddle Boarding Tenerife, Spain

Get in touch with nature while you get fit


  • Anti-stress benefits: Practicing Stand Up Paddling is very relaxing and, therefore, it´s considered to be a great sport to alleviate levels of stress. Hence, Paddle Surfing helps with your physical balance while at the same time helps to quiet your mind and diminishes unnecessary thoughts.
  • Moreover, Stand Up Paddling connects you with nature. Since you are standing on the water (you are practically walking on the water surface), your perspective will be wider and, in places where the water is crystal clear, you will be able to enjoy the bottom of the sea, see corals, fish and, if you are lucky and depending on where you practice it, turtles or dolphins.

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