Dolphins ahoy! What an adventure!

¡Dolphins near the cliffs, TENERIFE!

On Saturday we saw a couple of dolphins, I was Stand Up paddling from Masca to Los Gigantes and I saw a lot of seagulls getting excited near the cliffs!

Masca Challenge, Masca tenerife, SUP Los Gigantes

The Masca Challenge, Stand Up Paddling from Masca to Los Gigantes


I jumped off from the SUP board into the water and dove down. I think they were baby dolphins, maybe 2 metre long ones, I am not sure… One of them nudged the sole of my feet, like saying “Hey, come play!”. I got air, dove down again and made a bubble ring. One of them tried to eat it.

It was an amazing experience. I, like Anne Frank, firmly believe that nature brings solace in all troubles. For a moment all troubles went away, and only one thought remained: I have finally connected with another being, this is what it feels to be in love!

 GENERAL info about dolphins

Dolphins usually measure form 2 o 9 metres in length, they breathe through a blowhole on top of their heads, they are carnivorous and can communicate with each other with different sounds, using dancing or jumping to talk to each other.

They use echolocation or what it´s called “their sixth sense”. This allows them to locate their prey, other marine animals and humans by means of echoes.

Their are one of the animals who´s brain is the biggest in relation to their body. Their body is especially adapted to swim at great speeds.

Dolphins do not sleep like other mammals, because they need to be aware of predators and they need to remember to breathe. So, their brain rests in turns, first one side of their brain sleeps and then the other!. They also have a light sleep, which allows them to keep the kind of mindset needed to keep breathing.

If you want to know more about the MASCA CHALLENGE, You can find more info in this page: Masca Challenge